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Does Your IT Create More Problems For Your Business Than It Solves?

“How am I supposed to know which technology to buy?” We help you figure it all out, with our IT Consulting services.

Delaware Micro Computer is your worry-free IT Outsourcing and your expert IT Consultant for companies in Delaware, Maryland and beyond! Delaware Micro Computer helps you plan and execute all of your computer hardware management needs too!

A traditional Chief Information Officer (CIO) offers full-time strategic IT analysis and management but is usually out of the price range for small and medium sized businesses. On the other hand, a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) is outsourced, providing these services at a lower cost. This is where Delaware Micro Computer comes in.

vCIO Duties Include the Following:

  • Offering extensive guidance on new IT initiatives.
  • Laying out an IT budget.
  • Computer and server lifecycle management
  • Preparing your business for technology changes.
  • Providing regular reports on your network’s health and security status.
  • Implementing a business continuity plan.

Every IT professional can tell a horror story about an upgrade, roll-out, or migration gone wrong. So many factors are involved; hardware, software, compatibility, timing, data, procedures, security protocols, and of course the well-meaning but imperfect human.

Managing IT equipment and product life-cycles is an important function in your business. As a goal, equipment life-cycle management should reduce failures and data-loss because computer equipment is replaced before it fails, and it should reduce the total cost of equipment management over its lifetime.

When using your IT can be stress-free, running your business can, too. With an IT Consultant as your teammate in technology, you can rely on our expertise to help your company succeed.

Our team of professionals can change your outlook on using advanced technology,
with expert advice and support.

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